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Without SIM CARD,

Send Unlimited WhatsApp Messages


WhatsApp Marketing - USD 0.025 a 0.0175 / Message

Zap Agency Reseller

Manage your customer credits at your Own Web Panel

Simple and Reliable

Price 30% Off - USD 0.0175/credit

Scalable WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns

You can scale your WhatsApp campaigns to any numbers.

Multiple Message Formats

Send All Kinds of WhatsApp Message ( Text / Image / Video / Audio / PDF / Links ).

Web Panel - Ready To Use

Access Web Panel From Anywhere.  The  Internet Is What You Need. Web Panel is Ready to Use!

Check your Mailing

Before sending a message, you can check your mailing numbers to send only for WhatsApp numbers.

Pay as You Go

Pay Just For Your Campaign

Buy fill credits and be ready to use.

Schedule Messages

Automatically Schedule Messages According to Limits You Set


We offer reseller option to buy bigger than 30.000 credits.

Reseler  0.0175USD / Credit


Only USD 0.025/credit

Text, Images 1 credit each 1.5MB    PDF,  Audio 1 credit each 1.5MB

Video – 2 credit / each 5MB





Send Image & Text Messages

Each 1.5MB = 1 credit = Maximum 5MB


Send Text Messages

Each 1500 Characters = 1 Credit


Send Video & Text Messages

Each 1.5MB = 1 credit = Maximum 5MB

Best way to compress video is to send it to Facebook, and after, using APP FBDOWNLOAD ( android and IOS ) download your video.

Video in Portuguese

Send PDF & Text Messages

Each 1.5MB = 1 credit

How to filter your mailing list, excluding numbers without  WhatsApp?

Filtering, you save your credits! And remember, when you buy messages credits, you get filtering credits for free!


Attention:  Messages are processed from 10 AM to 09 PM SERVER TIME

Schedule your campaign with time differences.  Brasilians: Send messages from 05 AM to 01 PM Brasilia local time. 

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